The Motherwell FC Exiles Club

The Motherwell FC Exiles Club was set up in September 1993 to cater for fans of Motherwell who live outside Scotland. The few weeks following our formation saw around a dozen exiled supporters register their interest and membership has grown steadily ever since. These days we boast around 70 members spread throughout the world with close to 100 members having passed through the books since we began.

The spread of members sees most staying in the UK however we have or have had members from countries such as Denmark, Poland, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, USA, Canada and Belgium.

Membership offers 'Well fans various benefits. Exiles club members can reserve tickets for all-ticket matches at Fir Park, we can arrange pen-pals with local based 'Well fans for members. Members can arrange to go on a tour of Fir Park on their return to the country. Through the Exiles Club supporters can subscribe to the Motherwell match programme, the Motherwell fanzines and local newspapers. The club Secretary is always on hand to answer queries members might have, to seek out any information required on club matters and to chat away about the team when the occasion arises.

The focal point of the MFC Exiles Club is our quarterly newsletter. As the club has developed and improved so has the club newsletter and we now issue a 40 page issue each quarter containing a wealth of information about Motherwell FC. Each issue contains detailed match reports, transfer news, historical items, player features, gossip, news and lively comment on the team and club. We also try to include an interview in each issue and in the past Bobby Russell, Alan Dick, Jamie Dolan and Alex McLeish have been kind enough to answer our questions. Many club members are actively involved in the production of the newsletter submitting interesting and thought provoking articles.

In our time we have developed close links with Motherwell FC, the people behind the Motherwell match programme and Motherwell fanzines. The club have assisted us wherever possible in the past, such as kindly allowing us to interview players and management and supplying us with competition prizes. The fanzines have always been keen to send members "freebies" and the programme editors have assisted with information and printing numerous adverts for the Exiles club.

The philosophy behind the Exiles Club is that just because a supporter stays outwith Scotland, or even Lanarkshire for that matter, doesn't make them any less passionate about their team than the local fan. Indeed as we have come to learn the exiled fan can be even more passionate spending vast sums of money and travelling great distances to cheer on Motherwell.

To find out more about the MFC Exiles Club contact the club Secretary at:- 40 Cardell Crescent, Chapelhall, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, ML6 8UJ. Call (01236) 770092 or send an e-mail to

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